Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints by Stephen Milner


Volcanic Light

Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints by Stephen Milner

Mount Ngauruhoe is the third tallest volcano in New Zealand. Mount Ngauruhoe is an active 2,291m stratovolcano in the North Island. It is located in the Tongariro National Park, is an asymmetrical volcanic cone and, regularly emits steam and gases from the peak. It is made of layers from lava flows and ash deposits. Like all the volcanoes in New Zealand, it is the result of the Pacific Plate below the Australian Plate. It is part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, where the earth's crust has been stretched and thinned. Recent research indicates the code started 7000 years ago. Ash and lava eruptions occurred on average every 9 years but, there have been no eruptions since 1975.

Maori legends speak of the high priest Ngatoroirangi as being caught in a blizzard while climbing Mount Ngauruhoe to claim all the land he could see. Ngatoroirangi prayed to the gods of Hawaiki to save him from the blizzard. They sent flames that first appeared on White Island, then Rotorua, then Taupo. Finally, they arrived at Ngauruhoe and saved Ngatoroirangi. Ngatoroirangi is credited with bringing the benefits of volcanic activity to New Zealand.

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Three limited edition panoramic size options are available. 

Small 100 copies, Medium 100 copies, Large 50 copies

  • Printed on Fine art paper Hahnemühle Pearl

  • Made using a Giclée inkjet printer to achieve a high-quality archival print

  • Produced to the highest quality and sustainable printing practices.

  • Limited edition fine art print with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Your print can be mounted in a traditional frame using glass, laminated to an aluminium panel with a tray frame, or displayed in a frameless acrylic face mount.

  • I can work with your local framer to provide you with a print-ready to hang on your wall.

  • Your print will be sent by courier five days after receiving your order.