Taupo Tree Landscape Photography Prints


Taupo Tree

New Zealand Landscape Photography Prints by Stephen Milner

On the south side of Lake Taupo is a lone tree in the lake that is beautiful to watch, especially with Mount Tauhara behind it in the distance. The edge of Lake Taupo is filled with pumice stone and volcanic sediment from the last eruption 5000 years ago. I remember arriving at this location and being overwhelmed with its beautiful landscape. I loaded some Fuji Velvia 50 into my Mamiya 7 and used long exposure techniques to capture this beautiful scene. I hope you enjoy it too.

Lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere. The lake was formed by a caldera (collapsed) volcano 27,000 years ago. Volcanic activity started in Taupo about 300,000 years ago and continues. The Taupo caldera is considered a super volcano because of a large magma chamber that exists 6 to 8 KM below the lake bed. If an eruption occurred, the amount of water above it could cause a devastating steam explosion. The last eruption was about 1800 years ago, and it was the most violent eruption known in the world for 5000 years. Most of the material erupted is pumice and pyroclastic ash, which can be seen all over New Zealand. Small eruptions created lava domes in the caldera, and one of them is called Mount Tauhara. The last eruption reached 50km into the air and covered the whole of Aotearoa in ash, and a pyroclastic flow spread 90 km and 100m deep. The eruption effects were worldwide and were recorded in Roman and Chinese history.

Maori legend speaks of Tauhara as a great mountain that once stood on the south side of Lake Taupo closer to Ruapehu, Tongariro and Pihanga. Taranaki (previously known as Pukeonaki) was also there. There was a great battle between Tongariro, Tauhara, Ptauaki (Mt Edgecumbe) and Taranaki (Pukeonaki) over the beautiful Phanga. Tauhara did not win this battle and retreated slowly to the north side of Lake Taupo, where he gazed at her from a distance.

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