New Zealand Landscape Photographer Stephen Milner | Fujifilm GFX 50sII - Stephen Milner

New Zealand Landscape Photographer Stephen Milner | Fujifilm GFX 50sII

A New Zealand landscape photographer story with Stephen Milner

Landscape photography and the Fujifilm GFX 50s II are made for each other. In todays video, New Zealand Landscape photographer Stephen Milner creates some beautiful landscape photos with the Fujifilm GFX 50S II and the Fujinon GF 45-100mm F4 lens. The photos and video turned out great despite the storm that hit us as we were setting up for our first photo, and the sunset at the end was nice. I hope you enjoy the video!

Despite the wet storm weather, the photos turned out great. I think the weather adds some nice mood in the photos, and my Fujifilm GFX 50s II handled with rain easily. The four square photos show a nice transition of the storm, as it moved trough the landscape.


The seascape photos have a nice minimal feel to them. When the storm hit during the first two photographs, all I could do was pick out shapes, tones and textures in the landscape, and arrange them in a way that has some balance. All square photos have strong compositional leading lines and curves in them.


The sunset was a nice end to my photography, and I am happy with how the 16:9 panoramic photo turned out, which captures the last light on the mountain peaks on the horizon. The elevated position of my location for this photo give me a good vantage point over the landscape, and without any foreground distractions.