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Volcanic Aotearoa New Zealand tells Māori legend stories of love and war between New Zealand’s volcanoes, it is a story of how I faced my fear of volcanic activity, and it shows my journey with film photography since 2019. All the photos in my book were made using medium format film cameras, the Mamiya 7, the Mamiya 6 and Hasselblad 503CW.

Volcanic activity is known for its destructive effects on the landscape and people. However, Volcanic Aotearoa is a photography project that captures the beautiful colours and organic shapes of New Zealand’s volcanic landscape. It is a collection of photos that encapsulates a three year study of New Zealand’s volcanic and geothermal National Parks, Conservation Areas and one World Heritage Site.

Forward by Bruce Percy - Adventures in Abstraction & Analogue Volcanoes

If I were to say the word ‘volcano’ to you, I am confident that you would instantly ‘see’ a cone shape in your mind’s eye. The shape of any volcano is instantly recognisable to all of us. They have one of the most iconic shapes of our world. Stephen has settled upon using this iconic shape to unify his imagery.

The Land of the Long White Cloud

Our beautiful Aotearoa is the land of the long white cloud. Aotearoa is New Zealand; it is the Maori name for the North Island and is now the official Maori name for the whole country. Aotearoa means long white cloud. The cloud formations caused by volcanic activity in New Zealand were used to navigate the land by early Maori settlers in the fourteenth century.

The Volcanic Aotearoa (New Zealand) Book Specification:

  • Size Options - small square 210 x 210 mm (8.3 x x8.3 inch) or large square 295 x 295 mm (11.6 x 11.6 inch)

  • Hard back or soft cover perfect bound

  • Full Colour 116 pages

  • Internal Pages - 150gsm (soft cover) or 200gsm (hard back) glossy coated 

  • Cover - 2.5mm hardback with full colour paper and matte lamination

  • Printed within 5 days and delivered to you by Peecho

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