New Zealand Landscape Photographer Talks How to Take Landscape Photos - Stephen Milner

New Zealand Landscape Photographer Talks How to Take Landscape Photos

A New Zealand landscape photographer tutorial

New Zealand landscape photographer Stephen Milner talks how to take landscape photos. This blog is part of his - TEN STEPS TO CREATING SUCCESSFUL LANDSCAPE IMAGES tutorial series.

If you are looking to improve your landscape photography skills, then you are in the right place. This blog series aims to improve your skills in landscape photography so that you can become the best you can be. There are ten knowledge areas, and they are a reflection of my journey through photography so far. The list below is what I consider to be the ten steps to creating successful images, which are in the order of importance:

Step 1 - Understanding Light

Step 2 - Understanding Aspect Ratios

Step 3 - Understanding Composition

Step 4 - Develop Trip Planning Skills

Step 5 - Choosing the Best Equipment for Your Needs

Step 6 - Develop Camera Equipment Skills

7. Understanding Post Processing and Editing (Coming Soon)

8. Develop Printing Skills (Coming Soon)

9. Feedback and Reflection (Coming Soon)

10. Refine Your Style (Coming Soon)

These steps are not the way I learnt my landscape photography skills. However, given the chance of starting from scratch, I would probably follow these steps, and I would have saved myself some money. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed each camera I have used, and they have all helped me with my camera skills over the years. As with most things in life, improve your skills through learning is a continual cycle that never stops. The more I practice, the more I continually learn in each of these knowledge areas.

Over the next twelve months, I will develop this tutorial blog further and build on each of these knowledge areas. With this, I hope to help others with their photography and learn a few things myself.